Willenskraft LLP is representative of the Forest Certification Program of Forest Certification LLC for Indian subcontinent. 

Willenskraft LLP is representative of the Forest Certification Program of Forest Certification LLC for Indian subcontinent. 

Willenskraft LLP is representative of the Forest Certification Program of Forest Certification LLC for Indian subcontinent. 

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Delivering PEFC™ Certification Services

Important Documents for Your PEFC® Certification :

pdf   PEFC-NCCF-FM-STD-01/2017 Standard   242 KB   Download
pdf   PEFC-ST-2001-2020 Trademark Standard   242 KB   Download
pdf   PEFC-ST-2002-2020 Chain of Custody Standard   242 KB   Download
pdf   PEFC-ST-2003-2020 Certification Bodies Standard   242 KB   Download
pdf Application form PEFC™ Forest Management and Chain of Custody   242 KB   Download
pdf PEFC FM Certification scheme   256 KB   Download
pdf Statement of impartiality   423 KB   Download
pdf PEFC Logo Usage Rules   256 KB   Download

PEFC™ certifications

Confirm your sustainable forest management with a PEFC™ -Certification

Increasing environmental awareness among the general public is leading to greater demand for sustainable products. The "Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes", PEFC™ for short, documents responsible and environmentally friendly forest management and timber production. With the PEFC™ certification you therefore prove that you maintain or improve the ecological, economic and social role of the forest.

We support you with the certification according to four PEFC ™ programs:

While you, as a forest company, demonstrate the sustainability of your managed forests with the PEFC™ Forest Management Certification. A PEFC™ certification for Christmas tree farms confirms that Christmas trees are produced considering ecological, economic and social aspects. If you want to demonstrate that you meet the requirements to manage a recreational forest, PEFC™ certification for recreational forests is the right option for you. Would you like receive one of the four PEFC™ certifications? Our experts will be happy to advise you on the various programs: 

contact us now! Increase the trust of your customers with a PEFC™ certification With a PEFC™ certificate, you can set yourself apart from the competition because you document that you are very committed to protecting the environment and a careful use of the resource and the raw material wood.

In addition, the certification gives the end user security, because the PEFC™ logo is visible proof that the products come from sustainably managed forests. Therefore, your PEFC™ certificate serves as a unique selling proposition that distinguishes you from non-certified forest.

The certification process generally consists of four steps:

1. Application You get in touch with our experienced experts. After submitting the necessary documents and agreeing the requirements to the responsible examiner, you will receive an order confirmation with a procedure number and instructions for the further course of the procedure.

2. AuditWe will conduct the audit  at your facility and  inform you of any non-compliance during a final meeting. The auditor then submits the audit reports and the certificate is issued.

3. Certification If all requirements are met, you will receive your certificate. You can now use the PEFC™ logo on your products and show your customers and end users that you manage your forests and process your wood sustainably.

4. Renewing Certification

Typically, your PEFC™ is good for five years. The maintenance, suspension, or revocation of a certificate is decided upon by the subsequent check tests, which are carried out annually.

WBSPL is the ideal partner for your PEFC™ Certification due to our broad knowledge in the certification industry. We support you on your way to a successful PEFC™ Certification and will provide you with qualified assistance at every stage with our simple and open certification procedure. Additionally, you will gain from our extensive network of professionals and the chance to be included to our database as a certificate holder following your certification.